Adventure Time

As soon as the snow sticks around, I’m giving up (for a while) on Anna Karenina and cracking open my copy of Shadow on the Mountain.

I spotted it at a Scandinavian pie shop in Wisconsin this summer and the first sentence and a half of the synopsis sold me.

Norway has been invaded by Nazi Germany! Fourteen-year old Espen
is quickly swept up into the world of wartime espionage…

That was it. That was all I’d needed to know. Shadow is just the kind of old-school boys adventure story I like to read once Christmas time starts a comin’ and winter picks up speed. 

And I didn’t even know/notice until literally six minutes ago that the inside is inked with Moonrise Kingdom-worthy maps, and lyrics, and pronunciation keys!

I really never figured I would’ve spied something so treasurable in an otherwise tasteless little pie shop.

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