Totes Naked

For at least as long as I’ve been posting here on The Treasury, I’ve wanted an all-leather tote to take around when my everyday bag isn’t quite big enough. Something caramel colored, I always thought, and sufficiently sturdy.


This fall I spotted these Sturdy Leather Totes halfway across the store at American Apparel and almost ran right toward them. Crafted in black or natural, they’re hard and hefty, with an envelope pocket in front, and an invisible magnetic closure on top.


Almost overly understated, if you want the bags to read as southwestern or workshoppy they certainly will, but they just as easily evoke a more modernist, man-about-town mode. Tell someone they’re by Alexander Wang and I bet you’d get away with it.


The natural colored tote that I preferred, the American Apparel website explains, will darken over time to a rich Kentucky bourbon color from wear and the application of mink’s oil. I’m in no rush for that. I like the naked fleshiness of the bag as it is now and will be interested to see how long it stays this lite/brite.


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