Duck ‘n Covered

A few falls back I picked up a Pointer Brand chore coat and I don’t think any item of clothing I’ve ever bought caused so many strangers to come up to me with compliment-covered questions.


Pointer Brand’s been pretty busy updating and expanding their offerings since then, and the new-ish debut that’s piqued my interest the most are the line’s Raw Navy Duck Jeans.



Crisply canvas-like, they’re a terrifically yesteryear shade of moody blue, and a great escape from the life sentence of unwashed denim.


Although Pointer Brand’s products are designed for the down ‘n dirty daily lives of workmen across America, I always tend to dress ’em up a little bit. (I’ve only sorta heard of elbow grease, so I don’t want my outfits getting too gritty and giving anyone the wrong idea about me.)


I am handy enough, however, to take an X-Acto knife to any visible branded labels on all of my pants since I generally want my wear as era-less and obscure seeming as possible.



But something about these Duck Jeans’ ‘lil labels, both front and back, work just perfect for me. Obscure’s good, but looking like half your outfit came off the shelf of a South Dakota hardware store sometime between 1953 and 1981 is even better.

I’m telling you – for me it’s just way, way better.

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