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Down ‘n Dirty

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Perfect, pristine white denim jeans are the most McQueen-ish (as in Steve) way for an otherwise Good Guy to get down ‘n dirty come the rumblin’ of summer.

To kick around, all over town, in a truly proper pair, the trick is in cotton rough and rugged enough to protect against white denim’s greatest threat: visible front-pocket outlines.

Aside from that, there’s nothing to fear. A little grime ‘n grit ground into them good is exactly what you’ll want…

It shows all the cats ’round your corner just how bad you really can be.

Roped In

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I read somewhere once that jumping rope for just ten minutes burns as much calories as like…running uphill for five days or fourteen weeks straight…or something amazing like that.

Canoe olympic jump rope dbl dutch

Plus, if you can rope in at least two extra pals into your heart pumpy jumping then you can Double-Dutch and make up happy little rappy-chants while working up your sweats.

Not sure of the exact figure, but I think laughing at rappy-chants burns quite a bit of calories too.

Old School ropes available at Canoe.

Gasoline Cowboys M.C.

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I’m really revved up to introduce to y’all a company that was just this morning introduced to me.


From the slick and sick Gasoline Cowboys website:

“Before WWII, Motorcycling was seen as a sport. The A.M.A. (American Motorcycle Association) sanctioned competition racing, hill climbs and recreational events such as the Gypsy tours. Many motorcycle clubs sprang up and each wore it’s own distinctive riding apparel, usually a colorful wool turtlezip sweater complete with decorative name and town embroidered on them. Likewise racers were sponsored by either the motorcycle manufacturer or by local dealers who would outfit their hero in tough sweaters for practical reasons of promotion and easy recognition on the track.


As war clouds gathered, racing and motorcycling in general was put on hiatus till hostilities ceased. When peace broke out in 1945, American servicemen were demobed. During the war, they had earned regular pay, but found little to spend it on. Once back home with wallets full of cash many of this generation bought motorcycles.


Many felt bored with civilian life after the perilous war years and some chose to seek out other adrenalin junkies. This resulted in the forming of hundreds of small motorcycle clubs with names like the ‘Lucky 13’s’ the ‘Top hatters’, ‘Ramblers’, and the ‘Bombers’. Members wore club sweaters; rode in formation not unlike the bomber squadrons and partied together.


Founded in 1920 by William P. Dehen, who made his mark by making hardy woolen sweaters for the American sports man. When you get a sweater from us, you are not buying a remake or a replica. Dehen has been making motor clothes and racewear for 89 years. Dehen’s unbroken lineage – still making racewear woolens and jackets on American soil since 1920. So we really mean it, you get to wear the real deal, not a copy.”


So…wow! Gasoline Cowboys will even create custom sweaters for your own crew. My mind’s racing, thinking of names for my own gang, wondering who might be tough enough to ride in and out of trouble beside me.

Hipsters of the Universe

Friday, September 25th, 2009

In the room directly below me rests a large cardboard box crammed with all my old He-Man and She-Ra action figures. Before I was old enough to fawn over fashion, I marveled over the plastic couture and haute, blue brush-able hair of my Zodak and Teela and Trap-Jaw and MerMista toys.


Pastimes of my past and present join forces in the galactic-fashion illustrations of Adrian Riemann in which Evil-Lyn armors up in American Apparel leggings with a Cheap Monday clad Tri-Clops to battle in style their foes Man-At-Arms (in Common Projects sneakers) and She-Ra (sporting April 77 denim).


The artist is considering printing the entire collection on fluorescent paper for a gallery exhibition. Personally, I want full color treatments, a runway show, and a fashed-up animated re-make.

New Adventures

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I’m heading high into the mountains of Colorado for a week starting tomorrow. I’m carefully sorting out what’s worth packing as I’ve recently become a maven of traveling light. (Although multiple cameras are still a must.)


So The Treasury will temporarily shut down during my summer vacation but while I am gone you may be interested to examine the other boy-blog I recently became a contributor for: SwipeLife.


If you’re not familiar with the smashing site, it publishes the finest in men’s style news on a fabulously frequent basis. I’m really honored and excited to be on the SwipeLife team and be able to cover subjects separate from the scope of The Treasury. So check me out there, and when I’m back from my high-altitude trek, come back and check me out here too, friends.

OUTLIER – Merino Hoodie

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

My support of the cycler-swank look hasn’t halted after all these months. Brooklyn-based outfitter OUTLIER is back on my radar with their lean, all-season Merino Hoodie.


According to the OUTLIER aces, “Straight up, merino is the best hoodie material around. It’s got a beautiful soft handfeel and keeps you snug and warm when you are hanging out. But when you get active it wicks sweat away from your body keeping you cool and dry.”


Get your cool and your dry right about here.