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Nostalgia Has A Scent

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Question – do I write too constantly about cologne?

To be fair, I wear it every day and I do feel it helps transport me to other places and times. Sometimes I don’t even have to spray it on, I can just glance at the bottle on my bathroom shelf and pretend I’m someone richer, slicker, or grittier.

In the shadows of an image on All Plaidout I came across a bottle of Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella. I’ve been wearing the house’s Colona Russa (Russian Cologne) the past few summers since something in its mix literally chills and tickles my skin with every spritz. It’s like running through a shivery sprinkler before having to get dressed on hot humid mornings.


Nostalgia sounds like the ideal, atypical scent to sport in the cooler months when Colona Russa proves icily abusive to wear.

“Nostalgia is the scent of a vintage racing car. It brings to mind the small of benzene, tires and leather for a truly unique and individual eau de cologne,” the LAFCONY website states.

Something that tough and turbine sounds perfect come fall.

Fragrance Counter

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Jake Davis just asked his readers for some of their favorite scents, in his mission to find himself a new cologne. This reminded me of an entry I’ve been meaning to post in the Treasury at some point – so I might as well set that point for right about now.

The gift shop of my hotel during a trip to New York 3 years ago offered Comme Des Garcons’s 2 cologne. It smelled golden and bold and tickled my nose. I made it mine.

The 2 cologne proves I like my scents on the coy or quirky side, so I was intrigued last fall by Monocle Magazine’s launch of their Hinoki scent collaboration with Comme Des Garcons. I felt CDG’s scents and I were a perfect, plucky match, but wasn’t sure Hinoki should definitely be my second CDG scent. Especially considering I’d never sampled it.

Luckily for me I somehow came upon where you are able to order most of their hundreds and hundreds of scents in two or three dollar trial size vials! I ordered six vials of different Comme Des Garcons fragrances and then turned my mission into a March Madness-like battle. Every morning, on each arm I’d dab a different scent, and then scribble down simple notes for each scent a half an hour later.

“Reminds me of Christmas” or “Smells like pickle juice” for instance.

Each day’s fragrance winner went head to head with the next day’s winner until, alas, the Monocle Hinoki entrant proved to be the ultimate winner, after all.

So if you’re interested in sampling scents slowly over time  in order to identify the right one for you (versus making split-second decisions in a mobbed mall), or if you’re stuck in a state void of Barneys and Bergdorfs, then Luckyscent is a sensational resource.


For the record/for Jake, here’s my eau de cologne arsenal of late:

• Tiffany for Men (elegant, sparkly, like cloves or Brandy)
• The first women’s Prada parfum (I’m man enough. Like honey on a hot August day.)
• Comme Des Garcon, 2  (flinty, fiery – drunken and unabashed)
• Santa Maria Novella, Colonia Russa (icy metallic, it tingles the skin in summer)
• Banana Republic, Black Walnut (hushed, harmless, handsome)
• Monocle x CDG, Hinoki (like a spicy dusty cedar chest caught on fire)