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Passing On The Savings

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Although I flirt with and photograph Byredo bottles of fragrance, I tend to end up with whatever scent COMME des GARCONS spritzes into the ether.

The essence of the line’s newest, WONDERWOOD, is richly wooded and thickly forested – yet fine and fancy; too luscious for luggy ol’ lumberjacks. It’s the smell of black-tie in a birch grove, of tuxedos in tree houses. And although I’m not afraid of an offbeat, edgy scent WONDERWOOD’s calmer and quieter than CdG’s Man 2 or Hinoki fragrances which I also favor.

For a limited time you can indulge in any of COMME des GARCONS’ scents at 25 percent off at with a semi-secret coupon code. The code is applicable to any of BeautyHabit’s myriad of brands including Treasury favorites Valobra soaps and shaving cremes and Couto Portuguese toothpaste.

Click below to learn the not-so-secret code, and pinky promise me you won’t make fun of me for knowing it.



Mad Men: The Morning After

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

For many, Sunday night will ooze with indulgence and idiotic indiscretions as slick-sters across America over-toast Draper’s return with three or four cocktails too many at parties both public and dangerously private.

Your doting Treasurer therefore recommends mending your Monday morning hangover with a stacked plate of dry, hard toast and a frosted, full glass of Coffee Time-laced milk. By the time you arrive at the office no one will be able to guess the shameful ways you celebrated Sunday night.

Really, if there’s anything Don’s taught us its the importance of concealing completely one’s unattractive truths.

Overnight your Coffee Time Syrup: Here or Here.

Arthur S. Allen

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The packaging design of Arthur S. Allen, founder of the Allcolor Company, Inc., New York City and “an expert on the application of color in product packaging”.

Are there still any experts on the application of color in product packaging?

Walking into the after-shave or facial tissue sections of your neighborhood Target store today, it sure doesn’t seem like it.

I miss you, Mr. Allen.

Gifted: Stocking Stuffers

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Due to the particulars of my personal life, “Santa” stuffs my stocking three times each Christmas. The stocking I traditionally dig through last each year is always the best one. Void of flat filler like Dilbert desk calendars or uninspired drugstore deodorant, my final stocking of the season always overflows with treasures vintage, exotic, or branded beautifully. Some of this year’s top-performing stuffers:

1. Indian Salted Pumpkin Seeds.


2. Mexican Bingo Boards & Cards.



3. New Mr. Goodbar bars in old-fashioned wrappers.


4. A zoo’s worth of Cracker Jack creatures in red and wintery blue.


Because of a big-ticket item that was given to me back in November as my early, main Christmas present, most of my December 25th gifts were all tiny and thrifty stocking stuffers, actually. But I didn’t mind at all, and my materialistic core didn’t even really notice the absence of splurgy goods, believe it or not. All the small-ticket treasures in my sparkly stocking brought me huge heaps of giant-sized joy.

…I’m gonna keep that in mind at Christmas next year.

Well Groomed

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

During a recent weekend in Chicago, the highlight of my shopping-oriented trip was the pile of loot I picked up at Mertz Apothecary. I’m always a sucker for grooming products packaged in ways the talented Mr. Ripley would’ve favored.


I completed three wide-eyed, slow-motion laps through each and every aisle in Mertz before narrowing down my final selections. I recognized I was on a dangerous high in the store and should temper my lust before things got tragically out of hand. The final damage was only $45 though. My only regret now is not having carted off with more.


These are the tools I’m currently using to brush my teeth, removed from their packaging. It amuses me how it appears almost as if I’m maintaining my oral hygiene with art supplies.

Is there some great reason Suave or Colgate couldn’t package their current products with a bit more style? I can never think of one.