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Monday, July 27th, 2015

Over the past year my Instagram feed has spun into an almost-solid column of images from ceramic artists. There’s so many talented designers pushing the medium of modern ceramics away from the mundane tea bowls peddled in farmer’s market pottery tents toward something broader, bolder, and more brutal(-ist).

The past months I’ve invested in quite a few pieces, ranging in price from $45 to upwards of $300. These are the artists whose output I’ve been most excited to bring into my home.


Bari Zipperstein’s drippy, un-hippie pieces are architectural, textural, and a little bit 80’s. I became a repeat customer right away.


Another L.A. artist like Zipperstein, Eric Roinestad’s work ranges from the graphic and geometric…


…to the organic and primitive.


The taller version of this red-clay Pinna Jar by Natalie Weinberger is my favorite find of the summer.


Jacob Cannon Wilson’s set up two etsy shops, selling two totally different styles of work. (Currently he’s sadly shop-less.) I bought a black banana vase in the same vein as this palm tree number for a hint of Afro-Cuban chic.


And arriving in the mail any day now is this asymmetrical bowl by local artist Adam Gruetzmacher. I politely pestered him for four months to make me a piece like the one pictured above. Pestering pays, let me tell you!

All the mags tell you to invest in up-and-coming artists whose work you admire and which might be worth millions some day. They usually mean paint and canvas type stuff, but I’m more keen on kiln-y creations.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

However it all goes down: I can’t help but feel hurt and disappointed by the fact that roughly half of adult Minnesotans were, at some cruel point, given full permission to, on this election day, attempt to engrave their discrimination of people like me and my beloved Hurly into our state’s constitution.

That’s utterly un-American. And completely un-Christ-like (if you’re into that sort of thing). It feels, it stings exactly like Third Reich-style persecution, at work somehow, decades later, in the year 2012…in the heart of America…in the city and in the state I’d chosen to call my home.

We are all Americans, we are all God’s children – and even if, and even when, my neighbor won’t stand up for my rights, I will always stand up for theirs.

So off I go to vote Hell To The No, and then spend the rest of my day encouraging God’s other Minnesotan children to get out and do the same.

Frame Work

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Having bought and worn-well an item from the Levi’s Vintage Clothing line earlier this summer, I’m not at all trying to give the impression with this entry that the wares offered in their collection aren’t excellent. They really are.

But nonetheless I’m gonna stick my neck out and suggest picking up either a boxed chambray Sunset shirt in black, or a sleeve of the Milk White Pocket Ts – not so much for the wearables inside, but to present their packaging behind glare-free glass in an oversized wooden frame as household art.

Hung over your dinged-up dresser above a metal tin full of nickels ‘n tie-pins and your bedroom would instantly read two hundred percent cooler.

Fair Play pt. 2

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

As teased, the beauty shot of the Australian Battered Potatoes devoured by all at the Minnesota State Fair. Not too thick, not too thin, ordered with a side of sweet chili dipping sauce. I’ll be thinking of them and waiting for my next serving every day, all year. Until we meet again, ‘lil taters!

I aimed to open my eyes to new sights and scenes at the fair this year, instead of circling around the exact seven same spots like I usually do. Had I walked by the Education building in any of the past years I would’ve already photographed the heck out of it. But it was new to my eyes this year. It’s just soooo yesterday, and thus I soooo love it.

I also had never gone into the Fine Arts building and, walking around the various Minnesotan masterpieces, I found this sun-slashed mint blue curtain in a quiet little corner, squatted all over the floor and snapped some almost-art of my own.

Paul and Babe rendered in paper mosaic.

A string of resurrected soda pop brands for sale inside Heritage Square. A bottle of Peach Nesbitt’s was already chilling in my fridge back at home. Either for me to drink or enter into the Treasury. I hadn’t yet decided, and still haven’t, I guess.

Another new adventure for me this year was the State Fair museum, filled with memorabilia from years past.

Further on in the exhibit, Norm and Opal Hall shimmied across my path. I wish people still did fancy, fringed stuff like this. And not ironically. We’re all so self conscious and cool now. It’s honestly a shame.

Old Elephants. (Speaking of which, did you know elephants “sing” songs to themselves with over 20 verses to them, and when other elephants die those that they leave behind perform a funeral-type ritual for their dearly departed? I learned that when I bought my sister the novel White Bone many years ago which I’ve been wanting to read myself someday. And in other elephant literature-related business, this book is on my horizon as well.)

Don’t really like snow cones, didn’t order a snow cone, but the shimmer of the shop’s signage was a treat in and of itself.

I would’ve honestly been happy with fifth or sixth place. Those ribbons would’ve looked livelier on a wall than red or royal blue anyways.

I like how this photo creates the illusion that the Sky Ride traveled above nothing but miles of countryside corn-fields, but it was just a good old fashioned framing trick.

Can’t wait to return next year.

Also I’m wondering if it’d be fun to go to another state’s Fair sometime too. Anyone been to any amazing ones? I’ve heard the one in Texas is as epic as the state would suggest.

Fenn Fest

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Landing its juiciest celebrity ever, TV’s tartest cherry plucker Ms. Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) has committed to attending this year’s annual Twin Peaks Fest in Washington state. If Audrey’s showing up, then maybe I should too, finally.

Lucy, Bobby’s Mom, and The Little Man From Another Place will be hanging round the donut table this year as well.

Wow (Bob) Wow!

On Deck

Friday, March 26th, 2010

When I was in jr. high, the only shoe a guy could wear with his French-rolled jeans were some dark brown deck shoes. It wasn’t preppy, and it wasn’t at all pretty. But other than Nikes and such, it was the only non-atheltic shoe we had access to in mid-Minnesota. It was the exhausted extent of our adolescent, aesthetic imaginations.

So two years ago when the deck shoe docked back into fashion relevance, I was far from the shore and weary about its weird return. When a year passed and the faddish irony had solidified into something stronger and more lasting I wasn’t as salty about the style’s resurgence, although I wasn’t scoping out a pair for myself either.

But the white Common Projects court shoes I’d bought last spring have always been a bit tight, and my navy Vans feel coarse and stuffy on the inside, so last summer I ended up pairing all my rolled-up chinos or shorter-than-short shorts with a pathetic pair of gray plastic sauna slides I’d swapped up from the dollar section at Target.

The slides slipped on and off in less than a second, and felt good even on the sweatiest summer days, but I knew every time I had them on that they were effectively killing the cool of whatever outfit I had assembled.


So, believe it or not (and I hardly do, myself) I’m turning to the deck shoe this summer as my fashion footwear life-saver. However I might’ve felt about them twenty years ago, their leathery insides were always smooth and soft, and they were a breeze to kick on or off, summer, spring, and fall.

I’ll be steering clear of anything (brown) that reminds me of any of my ’89 – ’91 pairs, and of anything too prep-ed or peppy. So white soles are a no-go. I’m betting on the less-boaty broodiness of all-black styles.

I (think I) think there were some at OiPolloi forever and ever, until the moment I realized I cared.

Rogues Gallery had (has?) some too that seem cool if not costly.


For now, I’m waiting to see how these dressed-up, fifty-buck ones from Asos in the UK look when they arrive in the mail next week.


If they fit and seem not too flimsy, then the first order of business will be to beat ’em up a bit. Scuffed and with rough jeans they could be incredibly see-worthy, mates.

Door to Door

Friday, October 9th, 2009

My father’s father was raised a Mormon and his entire family traveled the world as missionaries.


I don’t know the believers in this particular photograph, but I find the image inspiring. Outfit-wise, of course.

Soft Drinker

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Being a total tee-totaler, soft drinks are as hard as my beverages get. I like wondering what makes up White Russians and Pink Squirrels, what they’d taste like if they didn’t actually taste like Windex to me, and imagining how fancy I would feel if I ordered one someday. But limited edition, imported, or ultra-rare soda pops are as exotic and intoxicating as my liquid life ever gets.


This bottle of Fentiman’s Dandelion drink has been frosting in my fridge all summer, waiting for its Treasury time in the spotlight. Its bizarre, black licorice and sparkling tea taste doesn’t warrant much of a write up however. (And I even like black licorice.)


Hopes remain higher for this safer-seeming citrus soda with a water-skiing siren as its marketing mascot. Bottled in Tennessee without High Fructose Corn Syrup, there’s a pillow of lemon lime pulp resting on the bottle’s floor. Haven’t sampled it yet, so we’ll just have to see about Ski

Release Date

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

January 12, 2010

I’m not hip enough to join any backlashes. I’m just gonna be excited.


1. Horchata
2. White Sky
3. Holiday
4. California English
5. Taxi Cab
6. Run
7. Cousins
8. Giving Up the Gun
9. Diplomat’s Son
10. I Think Ur A Contra

Fall Forward pt. 1

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I’m officially fashioning my fall shopping list now. Item by item, I’ll tack ’em all up on the Treasury in the coming weeks.

For whatever reason, I want to round up a couple pair of knicker-like pants and wear them until the snow falls this fall. First I want to find a pair of ordinary cords and have them hemmed so as to mimic these truncated trousers from Junya Watanabe.


And then I’ll also maybe consider these official cycler knickers from 708 – although they’re made from a poly/hemp blend which is touted to look and feel like denim, but makes me wonder if I’d just look and feel sweaty and stupid in them.


Are they worth a try?

Mountain Man pt. 2

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

More moments from my trip to the Rockies, captured on film via my Lomo LC-A and a disposable Kodak waterproof cam.

The water-iest point of a white water raft ride.


My horse that they told me I could call José or Bullwinkle. I opted for José. He was small but so am I, sorta, so we made a good pair.


About to board a steam engine train. Approximately three hours before a table of diners at an Italian restaurant mocked me and my bandanna.


Happily packaged peanut candies. The only souvenir of my entire trip.


Floating down a lazy (man-made) river.


From the Office of…

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

On a recent run to my favorite thrifty-antique store I picked up this framed photo for my office at home.


I’m not sure if they’re actors playing roles, or if they were heads of some early 1960s insurance sales company. Either way, they’ll be watching over me and all my tasks at the Treasury from now on.

-Mr. Rees