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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

On our tenth anniversary of being together, Hurly and I drove to the ritzy courthouse in St. Paul and got hitched. Like legally!

For someone who can hardly buy a bottle of spring water without wonder-worrying about its aesthetic impact on their life, I was surprisingly intent on keeping our big day totally low key. I wanted the focal point of our nuptials to be us and our love, not how expertly/obnoxiously art-directed and Design*Sponge-y every needless little detail was. Enough of my life is sacrificed ritually to the Style Gods above. A wedding day seems like it should be void of all that ego-driven energy.

I mean, I own American Apparel tote bags more expensive than my suit was. And I looked at dozens of rings but the one that excited me the most was a vintage, twenty-buck thing off etsy. From top to bottom, our wedding day remained remarkably immune to my otherwise omni-present materialism.

And although we had small-scale simplicity in mind from the beginning, that isn’t to say that plotting our wedding day was easy or stressless. Being among the first same-sex couples to be married in our state, Hurly and I were working without a template or set of traditions to follow that reflects our generation’s revamped definition of marriage.

We kept it simple, partly just because we’re two dudes who grew up figuring weddings were for everyone but people like us, but I really hope in the coming decade that same-sex couples will begin to establish their own thoughtful traditions for future generations to adopt. And that it gets easier and clearer to envision what a Guy on Guy wedding should/could be.

Once it finally went down, our own Guy on Guy day was great. I don’t remember what words our judge used to tell Hurly and I that it was finally legal and that we could kiss, but after we kissed, all I wanted was a hug. Not from my new husband, exactly – but from my old friend, from my favorite friend.

My first pet name for him was Treasure and the name of this blog actually (plus my whole life) is a wink and a nod to him.

The Magic Kingdom

Monday, April 1st, 2013

During our trip to L.A., Hurly understandably needed a break from all the non-stop shopping, so we made an impromptu visit to Disneyland one morning.

The best part about The Magic Kingdom to me is that much of it never changes. Although It’s A Small World was closed for renovations in order to make it less racist/retro/worth it. It seemed the maintenance crews were in the midst of repainting/priming the ride’s facade and I thought the wintery colorlessness made everything all the more striking.

The last time I’d been to Disneyworld I don’t think Captain EO had even come out. There was a 25 year anniversary re-release screening and it was everything that was perfect and absurd about the 80s in under 25 minutes. And also, the audience was way over 80 percent Asian.

My favorite ride was as a kid was The Matterhorn. It maybe still is, although now half the reason is probably cause I’m all about Alps-ish type fonts.

And finally, I finally earned my first ever pair of MousketEars!

Everyone called me by my middle name, Scott, when I was a kid, so that’s what I had the grey-haired lady stitch into the back of my cap.

When she took it off the embroidery machine and showed it to me she exclaimed, “Oh, that looks real nice!” Maybe she says that to all the boys, but something in her voice made me believe it completely.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

However it all goes down: I can’t help but feel hurt and disappointed by the fact that roughly half of adult Minnesotans were, at some cruel point, given full permission to, on this election day, attempt to engrave their discrimination of people like me and my beloved Hurly into our state’s constitution.

That’s utterly un-American. And completely un-Christ-like (if you’re into that sort of thing). It feels, it stings exactly like Third Reich-style persecution, at work somehow, decades later, in the year 2012…in the heart of America…in the city and in the state I’d chosen to call my home.

We are all Americans, we are all God’s children – and even if, and even when, my neighbor won’t stand up for my rights, I will always stand up for theirs.

So off I go to vote Hell To The No, and then spend the rest of my day encouraging God’s other Minnesotan children to get out and do the same.

The Clash

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Without thinking about the potential social ramifications, today I put on yesterday’s raisiny/wine colored shorts and carelessly paired a mossy/olive military style shirt with them.

The colors totally should’ve clawed at each other.

But surprisingly, they’re visual frenemies. Wrongly right, and rightly wrong.


Right About Now…

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I’ve been wearing this approximate outfit almost every day built around three recent finds.

1) Pointer Brand Chore Coat that the Buckshot Sonny’s dudes hooked me up with last month. For a manual labor-like coat, I tend to actually feel a little more snazzed-up than usual when I slip this coat on and sorta snap up its collar. It’s maybe the extra crispy crunch of the coat’s duck canvas.

2) Imogene + Willie speckled cream jeans in the brand’s higher-rise and therefore more mid-60s feeling fit they call The Willie. They read bright ‘n white on screen but in person they’re more of a heather-ed oatmeal, giving the jeans a heartier, more hardware-store kind of feel I’m quite keen on.

3) And last, but prob’ly not least, a fresh pair of Red Wing 2126 boots. Apparently the deal with this style is that Red Wing stopped manufacturing them “officially” except for once a year, selling the small lot of them down around Texas where they’re especially popular. The 2126s come boxed with round, golden, workman laces, but I threaded in flat, brown ones off Amazon to make ’em a little more mysterious and less bulldozer-driver-like.

So 1, 2, 3 and I’m pretty much good to go each morning. I haven’t found a shirt, even in the shadows of my closet, that refuses to work well with the rest of this outfit.

Time Capsule: The NorthernGRADE Film

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

This is what we looked like.
This is what was important to us.

We went searching for boots and bags and better bow ties,
and on the way we found ourselves friends.

This is a document of what it felt like in our American-made world
when we came together for goods we believed in.

Thanks to Larry and to Mac & Kat for setting up this Minnesotan magic,
and for letting me capture it for everyone to see.


The Best of Twenty Ten

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

An editor by nature, and by trade, I’m a real sucker for any “Best Of” list since they efficiently illuminate what was or still is relevant and radiant, while whittling away the extraneous.

Unless we count my nearly two years of Treasuring as one giant list itself, I’ve never posted a proper list. I thought I’d look back through the digi-pics of 2010 to tally up the top 10 treasures I’d measure as “The Best of The Year”.

1. Favorite Accessory
My new, U.S. issued Aviator Kit Bag. After one machine wash, and one mini-trip to New Orleans, it’s proven itself to be the perfect carry-on suitcase in terms of size and studly style.

2. Favorite Flashback
A TV junkie, just about everything’s been re-runs since early December. But Universal’s HD cable channel, roster-ed with random re-runs of hits from all eras, has been providing me with a dozen Charlie’s Angels episodes a week. It was my first favorite show as child, and it’s finally aged enough now to no longer seem dated and dull (which it did to me a few years back). Now every single tunic, discotheque, and Tom Selleck cameo highlights how chic and swanky the late 70s and early 80s were.

3. Favorite Finger-Painting
The J. Crew shorts I cropped myself then coated in 5 different colors earned me internet high-fives as well as veiled death threats, but I wore them rogue-ly and regularly all summer, to that magic point on the far side of self-consciousness. These shorts and the sideways glances they brought on taught me that if I’m not making someone’s eyes roll over what I’m wearing, I’m just not doing my job.

4. Favorite Follow Up
After two whole albums and a boat-shoe-box’s worth of B-sides, I’ve never heard a Vampire Weekend song I didn’t like. The CONTRA album was more Californian and yet noticeably colder than the New York band’s debut disc, but the sound of shivers in the sunshine made me happy and happily sad, over and over and over this year.

5. Favorite Mistake
I’ve ordered a lot of treasures over the internet these past years, but these vintage black boots were the only package that never arrived. (NOOOO!) I’m still too torn up inside to tell why I loved them so much, or type up all the outfits I would’ve worked up around them. Rest in peace, black boots. I know, without you, that I won’t.

6. Favorite Flavor
The black licorice macaron I chewed in slow motion on the windy steps of a church somewhere in Paris.

7. Favorite Escape
No one saw this coming, not even me, but somehow I became a fan of prison break books. Papillon is the ultimate, the tall-tale-sized autobiography of a Parisian criminal’s repeated escapes from prisons in French Guiana, including the Devil’s Island colony. The protagonist’s will is so strong and sturdy that even when he must endure years/chapters trapped to sunless, solitary confinement, his tone remains brave and bright. The Steve McQueen movie version of the story isn’t criminal, but it lacks the disarming charm of Papillon and his incredible adventure.

8. Favorite Fad
Reddish-orange pants, or orangey-red jeans. But we all already knew that.

9. Favorite Forty-Four Minutes
The best “hour” of TV I saw all year was Mad Men’s season four episode “The Suitcase”. There’s always been a “Will they or won’t they?” tension to Draper and Peggy’s relationship. Not “Will they or won’t they?” fall into bed, but “Will they or won’t they?” fling aside the stressed charades of their 1960s social roles for forty five seconds, and just look at one another for who they actually are. In “The Suitcase”, they finally did just that, puked-on dress shirts and all. It was a long time coming, and it was a sweet and needed relief.

10. Favorite Fantasy
Lying on the beaches of Mexico on an extra large, linen deck-towel– shaped island. I got the towel in August, the plane ticket in November, and soon enough my fantasy will turn reality!

2011 has a lot to live up to.

Yesterday’s Fashions Today

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Other than shoes and obscene amounts of boots, I haven’t been buying as much vintage wear as I once did. When you’re young and broke and free, it’s easier to find the patience to flip through racks of Aeropostale polo shirts and Deee-Lite-ful polyester pants for hours on end to find the one rare and worthwhile wearable.

But, of course, if you never shoot, you’ll never score, and so now and then I return to my thrift-store roots in hopes I’ll hit the jackpot.

Last week’s find was a late 70s/early 80s mystery shirt by a brand called CAMPUS® Easy Life.

Its safari and sorta shutter-buggy at first glance, but the shirt’s quilted shoulders & pocket flaps, plus its rounded shawl collar take it to an almost Luke Skywalker-like universe.

It’s just the sort of unusual and interesting piece no label would have reason to design today, and which simply must be rescued from the fading force of yesterday.

So remind me not to forget again about the merits of valiant thrifting. Cause had I not flipped past hanger after hanger of irrelevant vintage for like a whole hour last Friday, I never would’ve nabbed the perfect top for photographing Ewoks or Elaine Irwin in some outer-spacy outback.

But now I do!

Pom Pom Squad

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I topped my last few winters with a Team Zissou-style bright red watch cap. And I can’t say I’m completely tired with the look just yet.

But here and there, I don’t recall just where, I’ve recently seen 70s-era pom-pom-topped hats hanging around the internet and thought they’d be a playful dash forward during this era in men’s fashion where everything’s mucho macho and (almost obnoxiously) earnest.

On the outskirts of Tumblr town, I found a pair of Penthouse Knitting Mills hats from 1978 with their tags still on and made the green (and not the red) one mine.

I was tempted to wear it a week or so with the tattered tag still stapled on.

But the overall look’s probably quirky enough without slipping a Minnie Pearl homage into the mix.

As a Minnesotan kid, there was a cardboard box on the top shelf of my family’s coat closet overflowing with hats like this. It was then that winters seemed the wildest and its gear the warmest…

So, as is increasingly the case with me, I’m stepping my aesthetic forward by poking around in the past.

Spice World

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Don’t mean to Deja Vu you. Although the peppery pants pictured below might seem the same as a recently reviewed pair of 4 Strokes – they’re different. (I swear.)

I won’t deny they cover some of the same sartorial ground but, speaking of wardrobe resolutions (as my fashionable friends have been doing on the Treasury the past weeks) one of my main aesthetic objectives for fall is to wear weirder colors and punchier prints. And so a single pair of spiced up pants would’ve been a weak attempt.

These sun-faded Stanton pants from J. Crew are redder, softer, and cleanly chino cut vs. the more rugged and amber-ed denim of the 4 Strokes, for anyone keeping score. And even though I’d probably pair up both pieces into the same sorts of get-ups for the exact same overall effect, once your eyes adjust to outfits free from the chill of indigo down below, it seems only right to keep turning on the heat with well-stocked closets of warm-hued trousers.

That being said, I do think the next time I go not-blue I’m probably gonna go green.

Hamilton 1883 Shirting

Monday, September 20th, 2010

What a way to start the week!

The good people behind The Hamilton 1883 Shirt Co. sent to my doorstep one of their new Camo shirts in a size Small for me to mug around in.

Before I’d even un-boxed my new recruit I was (shocked ‘n) awed by the earthy elegance of its acorn-colored buttons set against the sly and subversive pattern of the shirting material.

The shirt’s fitting me trim and slim; I wouldn’t alter an inch. When labels opt not to offer their shirts in an X-Small size, as is the case with Hamilton 1883, then sometimes even a Small can slouch sloppily on me. But a Hamilton Small truly wears like a Small. So phew!

My wardrobe finally stocked in the classics, I’ve been looking to perk up ‘n quirk up my wardrobe these past months with braver, statement pieces that can instantly angle any outfit into an unexpected direction, and this Hamilton Camo piece will accomplish that easily.

It effortlessly attacks the elegance of a bow-tie, it’d easily edge up a blazer, punch up a puffer vest, obliterate the ordinary-ness of an old pair of jeans. I’m gonna bravely wear it every which I can, testing the limits of camo as considered a neutral. (Will it work against red, will it pair up with prints?)

Thanks again to Hamilton 1883 for the coolest shirt me and my closet now salute!

Coming Attractions

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

I figured I should forge into the very best time of year, fall, with my best foot forward – so I’m sprucing up my system a bit here at The Treasury to take things to a better place for all of us.

The site’s just received a Non-Extreme-Makeover up around top, with larger article images to be embedded down below. Also, I’ll be entering exclusive updates of additional Treasures on Twitter ’cause it’s finally time I let little Bieber influence how I’m living life, electronically.

Best of all, I’m assembling together a slate of illuminating new entries that’ll showcase the stories and style behind some of the coolest companies and internet comrades I’ve had the pleasure to cross paths with in my past year ‘n a half of online Treasuring.

Over the summer I’ve come to realize just how much we can learn from each other when it comes to sourcing and celebrating the happy and handsome things in life – and so that’s going to be a major new mindset as I move forward with my little ol’ site.

So…stick close by, friends. Good (looking) times are just ahead!